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Another Encounter With Towing Company


Wesley Willis had that song about how STP conked out his engine and then he had to hire a tow truck service to pick up his car, which I assume was a Ford Windstar but I could be wrong. In the song he complained about how he had to wait for an hour before the towing truck driver showed up and hauled his car away in the wrecker. By the way, STP was referring to the type of oil he used and not Stone Temple Pilots which is one of my favorite bands from the 90s.

I’ve had a couple times where I had to look for a nearby towing service and get the wrecker out to haul away my car using the tow truck. I’ve been pretty lucky though, I’ve been driving for over 15 years and I think only two or three times I’ve had to rely on towing service to come pick up my car. Last time I blogged about it here.

The first time, I was doing the turnaround on Gratiot and my youngest’s mom was sitting in the passenger side just yacking away and complaining about I don’t know what. So I was a little distracted when I made the turn and this woman in a minivan changed lanes to the near lane at the same time I pulled out and I clipped her. Bam- Call the tow truck. My car was actually still drivable but since the collision had ripped off my entire front bumper as well as the lights the police wouldn’t let me take it anywhere. So the tow truck driver showed up and I had to pay to have it towed about 15 miles away because there was only one collision shop in the area that my insurance would pay for without a hassle. The tow truck driver was pretty nice though. Luckily the accident was literally right in front of my apartment so I didn’t need the towing guy to give my little family and I a ride home.

Then there was this other time I filled up at the gas station, get back in my car and only got that click click click when I turned the key. Back then I didn’t know so much about cars or I never would have called a tow service and had the tow truck come out because it was only the battery that time. I could have just pushed the thing into a parking space and slapped a new battery in the next day instead of paying a towing fee to have the tow service haul my car to a shop. So actually I paid for towing service, the diagnostic and labor at the shop and probably an inflated price for my new battery. The tow truck guy was even like, “Oh yeah, that’s your battery,” and I was about to tell him thanks for the tip and leave the car right there while I go down and grab a new battery. But it was one in the morning and I was just glad to not have my car impounded at the time and get a ride home from the tow truck driver. You live and you learn, right?

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