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Goal Setting & Staying Dedicated to the craft


What is goal setting and how do you do it properly, its about setting focus and intention. For me its a meditative process where we block out the world and I begin to focus on my purpose and my why, so just to keep myself accountable I will sometimes write out my purpose public like on a blog, to keep things fresh and interesting.

For example,one of my purpose is to represent unlimited possibilities and become inspiration for young kids. One of my purpose is to become wealthy and clear the money karma in the family. And to once and for a all clear the misconception that money is difficult to earn. I want to take care of my family and make them successful. I want to chase after my dreams until the day I die, and live a model life that everyone wants to copy. I don’t ever want to stop challenging myself and growing. I’m in it for the long haul and I won’t stop until I reach newer levels of productivity and commitment.

I want to write my goals and inspirations down everyday like

I am smart because I read everyday

which is one of my goal is to continually spark my mind everyday with something inspirational and life changing. To consume different audio books and get smarter everyday. I am always interested in peak performance as a business owner and as a person. Whatever it takes for me to get to the next level and I won’t stop until I reach it. I am always looking after the greats in any area and field because I wan to model after their success.

I take action and I am willing to do what other people won’t do, so I can get the things they don’t have tomorrow.

I push boundaries and find new levels of productivity and creativity, that people didn’t have before.

So this is kind of like the type of writing that will get me up and excited every morning, writing my goals down and writing my purpose down. And going to work everyday becomes that much more fun. Because you are no longer working on other people’s terms but you’re working on your own, and you are not working for money only, you are now driven by a higher purpose and vision where you will work and do things before it was unimaginable.

This is the type of producer that I am committed to becoming, someone that is capable of greatness. Someone that can take set backs and treat them like little road blocks that you can leap over. I am committed to becoming that person, and I am committed to my craft, no matter how long it takes me I will put in the dedication required to reach it.

As we have learned in towing and limo owners that the key to success is hard work and dedication, at the end of the day its the straight shooters that become successful those that are right down the middle every time. People that are consistent, and continue to produce content over and over again. Those are the people that make it to the top and builds an empire because regardless of what the outside world is telling them, they just keep doing their thing and keep producing.

In this world you are either a producer or consumer, the one gets richer and the other gets poorer, which side of the fence do you want to be on?

For me, I choose to be a producer and this blog is simply about freedom of expression to get the creative juices flowing again. I look at each article I write as another ammunition that will propel me into the future of my dreams. The big vision with fancy cars, big house and beautiful women. Living a life of freedom and way beyond past struggle.

But continuing the hustle and grind everyday so the distance from my position to my previous peers grow further, and I make new connections and new friends all across the world. And then I will know without the shadow of a doubt that I have changed and there’s no going back. I set an intention out to become a cool, rich guy and I am that person in a few years and no one can deny it.

That’s the type of person Alan Parson will become.

Are you doing the selling or are you getting sold to?


I want to dive into the topic of selling today recently I started reading the book sell or be sold by Grant Cardone and in audio form which is teaching me a lot about what actually selling is.

Selling is the ability to convince someone to buy into your mission and your vision. Its the ability to influence and get other people to buy into your vision. There is nothing wrong with selling. There is social stigma around selling that gives this word such a bad negative feeling to it but selling is vital to every part of your life. Everyone is a sales man, we just have to accept it wield that power, you do not have to make your livlihood in sales to be considered a sales men. You are always pitching something to get your way in life.

Whether that’s dating the girl you wanted or convincing your mother to take you to the friends house, we have always used our power to persuade and get our way.

The other day I had a tree that fell down into the drive way and I needed a tree removal badly, I called few companies up in Lansing but all of them were booked for the next 3 days, well this wasn’t going to cut it, so I persistently called up several tree removal companies over and over again insisting that they come out to the property to remove the tree as an emergency service, some of them would not return my calls while this one company did finally answer my call and was willing to listen to my situation and I was able to persuade him to coming over to the home at the end of the day when his schedule was cleared and his last client for the day was served. He had to work overtime from his normal shift but the point is he did the job and I had the tree removed that desperately needed someone to take care of before the morning.

As I was writing the check for the service, it suddenly dawned on me that this was exactly what Grant Cardone was talking about when he said everyone is a sales person. Yes I was the guy paying him for the service, but I was the one that convinced him to come to m property at the very end of the day because i don’t have the luxury of waiting till tomorrow morning to make this happen.

I was definitely doing the selling because I convinced him to take time out of his busy schedule and get the tree removed.

and later in the evening I saw the sales power in my little children as they persuaded me to play with them after dinner and give them some yogurt treats after dinner.

How do you develop this skill?

Every skill needs repetition and hours to get better at, especially sales 10,000 hours of mastery is where we should all be head for sales and its what I recommend for any start up and young entrepreneur that wants to quickly rise to the top, sales is essential in my humble opinion.

Sales will get you to the brand new level


Hi My name is Alan Parsons

Hi my name is Alan Parsons and I’m a young entrepreneur that is learning about how to become successful starting your own business. In school they taught you about addition, multiplication, science, biology & science yet not one class was on success. About how to go out into the world and make money. Not one thing in school was about how to set goals and reach them, not one class was about commitment follow through, drive, optimism and hustling.

It is no wonder that middle class Americans are struggling today, we do not have the mental fortitude anymore to go out there and hustle so they will be forced to be employed and work like a slave, so in the end they will suffer. We are in a slave matrix that most do not want to openly admit but in this matrix the employed or the salary workers are hired to be the slaves of an organization. The amount each person is paid is set by their superior and that superior is controlled by the organization.

This is a pyramid and slave matrix that we are under and people think slavery is over. The hero is the entrepeneur the ones that break out of this matrix and shows others that this is possible for you. It’s like becoming Neo in the movie matrix.

#1 success people do that average people severely lack. They read 1 new book every month.

#2 successful people invest in themselves

#3 Successful people wake up early

Now the third element seems kind of too simple to be true perhaps but begin practicing waking up 5 AM everyday and watch how you begin to gain clarity over your life, get more done, go after your dreams, and disassociate more and more from your pain body.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing more about my recent discoveries on success.