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As professionals we do whatever it takes to get to the next level. At Alan Parsons we are ready to take on big projects in the last article I talked about Grant Cardone how in order to get anything in life you have to sell like your life depends on it. Well I was talking to several of my people the other day about what makes  a great service great and what makes a great company stand out from the rest.

We came to the conclusion it wasn’t the price at all, but it was the expertise that these companies showed and how much they appeared to be the authority at what they do that made all the difference in the world.

Take for example one of my guys came into work the other day and was late, because his car got into an accident. Someone had rear ended him and his car was totaled. Something you do not want to be dealing with on a Friday morning. He was in frantic mindset when he called the towing company. This company treated him with respect and courtesy as he needed to get the car towed 10 to 15 miles and it would cost him decent amount of money from all the different places he has tried. Well it turns out that one company that was able to service him was called Troy Towing and they had great reputation on the internet so he called them and they came in a hurry.

He didn’t want to deal with the trouble of finding someone that he had to hold hands and tell theme exactly, he was already late for work and so he wanted a towing company to just tow his wrecked vehicle to the impound lot that was 20 miles away and that’s that, that’s really all he wanted to do. So the smart towing company saw what kind of predicament he was in and said the only words that mattered and that was “don’t worry we’ll take care of it” those simple words was all that my co-worker needed to hear.

You see sometimes you just have to pay attention and listen, people will tell you what they need help with and its just as simple as giving them what they are asking for. Is there any more simple way to do business than that? The guy needed some help and the towing company served! What more do we ever want from a towing company? We do not need to hear about your rough week or any of that crap, we just want you to take care of the car hands free and we don’t have to worry about it anymore as that’s the last thing that we want to be worried about in the times of crisis.

And we hear all these horror stories of other towing companies that take these customers in for a loop when they have all these qualifications that they put these customers through, look as a business owner we only care about one thing and one thing only, are you going to deliver on your promises? and if so how quickly can you do it?

Especially in a need type business like towing, all we really care about is for the company to do the job reliable and quickly and making the payment as easy as possible and it looks like that’s what my friend found in this one towing company in Troy and that’s what we decided a lot of times many local businesses neglect the basics.

We want a service that works, that’s dependable and that we can count on in times of crisis we want that business owners to understand the situations and act accordingly with speed and precision.

So Thanks to my friend, I think we identified another core reasons to pick up as core principle that makes a business great. That is to identify your client’s situation and serve them accordingly!

It is a simple concept but we often overlook this point!

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