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Hi My name is Alan Parsons

Hi my name is Alan Parsons and I’m a young entrepreneur that is learning about how to become successful starting your own business. In school they taught you about addition, multiplication, science, biology & science yet not one class was on success. About how to go out into the world and make money. Not one thing in school was about how to set goals and reach them, not one class was about commitment follow through, drive, optimism and hustling.

It is no wonder that middle class Americans are struggling today, we do not have the mental fortitude anymore to go out there and hustle so they will be forced to be employed and work like a slave, so in the end they will suffer. We are in a slave matrix that most do not want to openly admit but in this matrix the employed or the salary workers are hired to be the slaves of an organization. The amount each person is paid is set by their superior and that superior is controlled by the organization.

This is a pyramid and slave matrix that we are under and people think slavery is over. The hero is the entrepeneur the ones that break out of this matrix and shows others that this is possible for you. It’s like becoming Neo in the movie matrix.

#1 success people do that average people severely lack. They read 1 new book every month.

#2 successful people invest in themselves

#3 Successful people wake up early

Now the third element seems kind of too simple to be true perhaps but begin practicing waking up 5 AM everyday and watch how you begin to gain clarity over your life, get more done, go after your dreams, and disassociate more and more from your pain body.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing more about my recent discoveries on success.

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